Accessibility consists of giving universal access to the website irrespective of the type of hardware, software, network infrastructure, language, geographic location and user capabilities, avoiding limitations due to reasons of disability.

This website has been developed, thinking of those people who may have hearing, sight or mobility problems, reading or comprehension difficulties, cannot use the keyboard or mouse or may have a solely text reader, a small screen or slow connection.

All pages on this website comply with the Accessibility Guidelines or General Principles of Accessible Design established by the WAI Working Group belonging to W3C in its level AAA. The visual design has been made under the recommendation of the W3C on Cascading Stylesheets, Level 3 (CSS3). If the browser or browsing device does not support stylesheets, the web content continues being fully legible thanks to its structural framing.

Font size

The accessible design of this website allows users to resize the font in two ways without altering the page structure:

-Using the text controls on the accessibility menu. A+ (to increase the font size), A- (to reduce the font size) and A (to return to normal size).

-Using the keyboard shortcuts defined by browsers, in particular the combination of 'CTRL' and '+' to increase the font size, and 'CTRL' and '-' to reduce it.

Colour contrast

The visual layout of the text and text images have a very strong contrast between the background and the text of at least 7.1:1. Alternative texts for the content images have been incorporated, so that screen readers can allow users to interpret these images. This function is also useful for those who have disabled the image viewer on their browser.

To facilitate reading for users with visual problems, the accessibility menu has been enabled with the option of changing the page contrast, eliminating and simplifying the colours to black and white.

Browser guide

Users are provided with information regarding their position on the page.

Quick links

The accessibility menu has three links that facilitate browsing for users by allowing them to directly access the desired position of the content (Go to content), choose the category (Go to category) and see the site map (Site map).

Keyboard shortcuts

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Vuelve a Madrid is optimised for all screen resolutions.


All pages have their version for printing by clicking on the ‘Print’ icon (File>Print) on the browser or by simultaneously pressing once on the desired page the combination of ‘CTRL’ and ‘P’. When a page is printed, all browsing elements on the website are concealed so that only its useful content can be printed.