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Palacio de Gaviria | I LOVE LEGO

Until May 26th

Calle del Arenal, 9, 28013 Madrid, España

Vuelve a Madrid brings the wonderful world of LEGO to you in the Palacio de Gaviria

Do you love LEGO? You're in luck! You can use your Puntos Madrid to enjoy the multicoloured bricks of this traditional building toy through a unique exhibition in the Patio Andaluz of the Palacio de Gaviria. Don't think twice, we have a very special invitation for you!


Madrid is hosting the I LOVE LEGO exhibition until May 26th, 2019, a detailed display with different miniature worlds created from over one million of these iconic bricks. Obtain a ticket with an audio guide through Vuelve a Madrid… For only 70 Puntos Madrid!


- After downloading the coupon, enter the website, www.legomadrid.com, go through the purchasing process, and enter the code.
- Valid promotion during the week, from Monday to Friday.
- The ticket office will close one hour prior to closing time.
- Coupon valid up to the last day of the exhibition on May 26th 2019.
- The ticket office closes half an hour before the exhibition closes.
- There are no lockers in the exhibition room. Staff will not assume responsibility for any personal belongings either.

All images © Cuauhtli Gutiérrez, courtesy Arthemisia
Vuelve a Madrid brings the wonderful world of LEGO to you in the Palacio de Gaviria

 Calle del Arenal, 9, 28013 Madrid, España

 Tel. (+34) 902 044 226


 This plan costs 70 Puntos Madrid

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Who hasn't played with LEGO's famous bricks at some point? Arthemisia España now brings you the chance to view a world exclusive exhibition: I LOVE LEGO, a journey through the history of an iconic toy that strove to become one of the most educational forms of fun for generations of children.

Up to February 24th, 2019, you can visit and enjoy six miniature worlds created using over one million pieces of LEGO.

Over 100 million adults and children enjoy building something out of these bricks each year. Vuelve a Madrid and obtain an up close experience with one of the world's most famous toys. What are you waiting for?