What is Vuelve a Madrid?

Vuelve a Madrid is a loyalty club offered by Madrid Destino that provides you with exclusive benefits and promotions on a selection of the best restaurants, museums, shows, and much more! We want to make sure you alays want to come back to visit us!

How can I become a member?

You can sign up through this link.

Does it cost anything?

Absolutely nothing! Becoming a member of the Vuelve a Madrid club costs nothing.

Are there any requirements?

Yes, there are: being of legal age and, also having your usual residence outside of Madrid.

How can I obtain Puntos Madrid and what are they for?

You will receive 200 Puntos Madrid just for joining the program, which you can start exchanging for coupons for the offers that interest you most. Your loyalty will be gradually rewarded with offers of additional Puntos Madrid coupons, that’s why it’s very important to keep checking our emails and social networks! Make sure you use them, though, or they will expire!

Why are there 1000 Puntos Madrid offers and users with 1000 points?

We have some very special offers which, as you would expect, are worth a bit more. Early joiners to the program were given additional Puntos Madrid. You can also reach 1000 points if you receive our newsletters and follow us on social media.

I wasn’t aware that Puntos Madrid expire. Can you tell me more?

Vuelve a Madrid is growing in numbers and so is our desire for you to enjoy the plans we offer. You can now obtain more and more Puntos Madrid through newsletters and social media campaigns, which we will inform you about via email. This means, however, that all Puntos Madrid have an expiry date.

How long before my Puntos Madrid expire?

You don’t need to worry if you regularly participate in our campaigns or exchange a coupon from time to time. However, any unused Puntos Madrid expire. Find this information in your user profile!

How do I know whether my Puntos Madrid are about to expire?

We have added a detailed list of your Puntos Madrid (registration points, campaign points) to your user profile, along with a counter that will tell you how long you have to exchange them before expire...  You can check the status of your Puntos Madrid here at any time.

How do I obtain more Puntos Madrid?

By enjoying the Vuelve a Madrid experiences, looking out for new program items in the newsletter, and by participating in our campaigns... That’s how you will find codes for additional Puntos Madrid from time to time!

Why are there users that received 200 Puntos Madrid on joining?

The Vuelve a Madrid club has grown quickly, as have the mechanics that we use to enable you to obtain additional points (campaigns, emails, social networks…). You will now find it much easier to "swell" your account very quickly... 200 points is more than enough to begin with!

I've registered with Facebook. Why haven't I received by 200 Puntos Madrid?

You've got them! They're waiting for you, so just access your account via the website and fill in any details we're missing to complete your registration with the programme. You'll get immediate access to your points.

What can the coupons be used for?

You can exchange your points on a whole range of promotions, special and unique offers, and flash offers. So keep a close eye on the website, social networks and the emails we send you!

Do the coupons have an expiry date?

Coupon-related offers expire six months after downloading. Any special offers will state the expiry date as part of the offer terms.

Why can't I download more than one coupon for the same offer?

Because we need to make sure there are enough for everyone! That's why you can only download one coupon per offer. Downloading more than one coupon for the same offer may invalidate those coupons.

The coupon codes do not work in third party platforms, what should I do?

The availability of our offers ultimately depends on third party technological platforms that may be subject to last minute modifications. They will always have the final say and the program cannot assume responsibility, but please contact us and we will endeavour to help you as much as possible should this occur.

Where can I consult my points?

It’s very easy! In your user profile on the website.

What social networks can you be found in?

For the moment, we will be on Facebook and Instagram in addition to the website, but please check in case there are any new developments ;)

I have some more questions, how can I contact Vuelve a Madrid?

If this FAQ does not answer any of your questions, you can contact us here.

What is the user?

It is you. Pleased to meet you!

What is the password?

The password is an access code you choose, and which allows you to access your member profile of Vuelve a Madrid. It is recommended that the password is formed by a code of 8 letters and/or numbers.

Can I have several passwords?

No. You will have a single password to access www.vuelveamadrid.es. You can, however, change it whenever you want from your profile.

And if I forget my password?

Don’t panic! You just have to click this link and follow the instructions so you can create a new password.

How do I know if I am registered?

If you cannot remember if you have signed up with Vuelve a Madrid, click here and enter your email address. If you haven't registered yet, a message will appear informing you that you're not in our database. If you are registered with us, you'll just have to follow the steps indicated.

How can I change my personal details?

If you want to change any details, you can do this in your profile.

Why do I not receive Vuelve a Madrid information in my e-mail account?

If you have signed up to our website, check that the details in our database are correct. You can consult your profile through this link.

Why do I keep receiving emails in the account I modified?

It is possible that your previous e-mail account was still associated to an automatic mailing process with us. Don’t worry, it will be a matter of time until the communications reach your new email.

What is a Captcha code?

This is a box you need to tick to confirm your registration. It allows us to make sure you are a human and not a robot!

How can I change the website language?

This option is available in the top left part of the website. You are welcome!

Why is the website sometimes slow?

If it is slow to upload the page it may be due to the simultaneous use of many users, the intensity of the internet network or the coverage of your mobile network.

Can I give you any suggestions?

Of course! And we will be very grateful for it. You can send us your ideas through this link.

Can I delete my profile?

We will miss you, but of course you can. You just have to click on this link and follow the instructions.

Why has my account been deleted?

It may be an error. If this seems to have happened to you, please contact us via the following link: https://www.vuelveamadrid.com/contacto. It may also be possible that we've found the data used to register to be incomplete and/or incorrect and for this reason we have had to cancel the registration.

How can I form part of Vuelve a Madrid?

You can follow this link to access more detailed information on the requirements and conditions.

Do I have to use the app to check the coupons I've exchanged?

Not yet, but it will be a requirement quite soon. That's why we recommend that you start using the app as soon as possible. If you have any queries, we're here to help!

And how can I contact you to offer you my proposal?

You can contact us through empresasvuelveamadrid@esmadrid.com

What type of establishments or services can join this program?

A great variety of businesses can form part of “Vuelve a Madrid”. From gastronomy and leisure and culture to accommodation, passing through other forms of leisure or entertainment and shops. For more information, visit this link.

What will be the benefits for my company?

Firstly, an increase in the visibility and promotion of the business. Also, support to deseasonalisation and attracting new clients.