Restaurante Mirador del Olivar

Vía Dublín, 28042 Madrid, España

A refreshing culinary experience in Olivar de la Hinojosa

Here at Vuelve a Madrid, we have the ideal place for you if your two passions are golf and gastronomy: Mirador del Olivar, the Club Olivar de la Hinojosa restaurant, a delicatessen for the most demanding palate with a very special discount...


Enjoy the wonderful views from the Casa-Club del Olivar de la Hinojosa and relish the quality traditional Mediterranean cuisine in its restaurant, Mirador del Olivar, a space designed to awaken all your senses where you can savour true culinary delights. And with Vuelve a Madrid you can obtain a 15% discount on the menu price for two people... For only 120 Puntos Madrid!


- Offer requires contacting Mirador del Olivar by telephone (+34 917 210 269) or email (, stating that you have a Vuelve a Madrid coupon.
- Offer valid on weekends and public holidays in the Mirador del Olivar restaurant, located at the golf course's Casa-Club.


 Vía Dublín, 28042 Madrid, España

 Tel. (+34) 917 210 269

 This plan costs 120 Puntos Madrid