These Terms and Conditions govern relations between MADRID DESTINO CULTURA TURISMO Y NEGOCIO, S.A. (hereinafter, “MADRID DESTINO”), a municipal company of Madrid City Council with tax identification number (CIF) A-84073105 and registered offices in Madrid, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, calle Conde Duque 9-11, postcode 28015, as promotor of the “Vuelve a Madrid” programme (hereinafter, the “the Programme”), and the Programme Users.


The Programme has the aim of encouraging its Users to visit the city of Madrid on repeat occasions through an experiential marketing tool consisting of a communications platform for the cultural and commercial goods and services offered by Madrid’s tourist industry.

The Programme’s promotions and discounts are accessible in two formats: a physical booklet of coupons and an application available on the www.vuelveamadrid.com website, which offers a catalogue of promotions and discounts. Users can directly download coupons from the website that can be exchanged in the Establishments participating in the Programme or on the websites where their products and services are sold.

The Programme’s coupon discounts and promotions in both formats represent offers of the partner companies and their participating Establishments.

Visitors can access the physical booklet of coupons at various outlets or via the website www.vuelveamadrid.com in the case of registered Users.

The following definitions are offered in order to avoid misinterpretation:

Coupon: the document that allows Users to exchange the promotions and/or discounts offered as part of the Vuelve a Madrid programme directly in participating Establishments or on the websites where their products and services are sold.

Participating Establishment: company participating in the Programme that offers promotions and discounts on their products and services aimed at Users who meet the specified requirements.

User: Visitor or tourist that comes to the city of Madrid and that have a Programme coupon of either type, whether in the form of a coupon from the physical booklet or, in the case of registered Users, a coupon downloaded from the website www.vuelveamadrid.com.


The Programme is aimed at visitors and tourists in the city of Madrid. The term “tourists” is understood to include any Spanish or foreign person who, for personal or business reasons, travels away from their place of residence to Madrid, spending the night there; and as visitor (on a day trip or excursion), any Spanish or foreign person who, for personal or business reasons, travels away from their place of residence to Madrid, without spending the night in the city.

Based on the Programme’s main target market, eligibility requirements are as follows:

A). Participation in the Programme in its physical booklet format takes place exclusively via the presentation of a coupon included in the booklet at a participating Establishment whose offer is printed in that booklet.

B). In order to participate in the Programme as a User registered to the platform www.vuelveamadrid.com, the following requirements must all be fulfilled:

a). The registration form available on the www.vuelveamadrid.com website must be completed and submitted after Users have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. The following fields are compulsory: (1) the individual code printed on the physical coupon booklet that the User accessed; (2) name and surname; (3) email address; (4) city of residence; (5) date of birth.

b). Applicants must be of legal age and resident outside of the city of Madrid.

MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to make the necessary communications to Programme Users through the email address provided at the time of registration or substitute email address provided at a later date.


When Users register, an account that they can access will be activated, by means of authentication and password, on the www.vuelveamadrid.com website. In this account, Users can consult their points balance, access promotional campaigns that allow them to accumulate additional points, and redeem the points for coupons linked to the promotions and/or discounts offered by the Establishments participating in the Programme.

MADRID DESTINO shall be solely responsible for establishing the policies governing the award and redemption of points applicable during the validity of the Programme, and may change these at any time, subject to prior notification by email to the registered Users within seven (7) days’ notice to the effective date.

a) Policy governing the award of points

At the time of Programme launch, the policy for awarding points to Programme Users is as follows:

a) At the time of registration, Users will receive 200 points to the associated account. This promotion is not valid for Users that register via Facebook Connect;
b) MADRID DESTINO may award additional points in special promotional campaigns in accordance with the different action plans established by MADRID DESTINO and communicated to Users.

Programme Users who do not agree with the points balance on their account shall inform MADRID DESTINO of the discrepancy by sending an e-mail to atencionvuelveamadrid@esmadrid.com

The promotional points awarded by MADRID DESTINO may be subject to a restricted validity period, becoming definitively invalid at the end of the promotional period if they are not exchanged by the User.

b) Points redemption policy

Programme Users can redeem the points earned for coupons with promotions and discounts applicable to participating Establishments through their User accounts registered on the www.vuelveamadrid.com website.

Depending on the point balance accumulated, Users can access the different promotions and discounts for participating Establishments valid at any given time. Programme Users may verify the availability of the promotions and discounts valid at any given time by visiting the website www.vuelveamadrid.com.

Programme Users shall be the sole beneficiaries of the points accumulated via the Programme, as well as the only parties authorized to redeem points. Only one coupon may be downloaded per offer.

Users who modify their place of residence to the city of Madrid shall not be eligible to redeem points. Users whose registration to the Programme is cancelled shall not be eligible to redeem points.

MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to amend, withdraw or expand on the promotions and discounts valid at any given time, and to increase, reduce or impose any requirement or restriction on points redemption for promotions and discounts in participating Establishments, subject to notification of Programme Users.

Users may not exchange the points accumulated for money or for discounts and promotions in participating Establishments not valid at the time of points redemption. Users may not redeem the points corresponding to other Users.

Programme points do not constitute a payment method but represent an exchange for promotions and discounts in participating Establishments. Once points have been redeemed, Users may not exchange the discount and/or promotion chosen for a different one. Users may enjoy the promotions and discounts offered by participating Establishments during the validity period of each offer specified in the coupon. The fact of enjoying the promotion and/or discount during the validity period specified in the printed coupon does not confer any additional rights on the User.

c) Temporary validity of points accumulated during promotional campaigns

The validity of points accumulated during special promotional campaigns can be limited to the specified period of the promotion’s communication campaigns. If a user has not exchanged any extra points accumulated during a campaign within the indicated redemption period, the points accumulated during said campaign will become invalid and discounted from the user’s account. The user can check their personal account for the validity period of any available points to making managing and exchanging accumulated points easier.


The User can withdraw their participation from the Programme at any time subject to prior notification via email to atencionvuelveamadrid@esmadrid.com.

At the time of cancellation, the User can exchange the points accumulated on their account for the valid promotions and discounts they have a right to at that time. The cancellation of registration to the Programme with an unexchanged points balance shall not generate any right or economic compensation in their favour.


MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to modify the present Terms and Conditions at any time, subject to prior notification of the User via the email address provided on registering to the Programme.

In the event that any Programme User misuses points or breaches these Terms and Conditions, MADRID DESTINO may automatically terminate the participation of said User in the Programme without the need for prior notification, cancelling all the points accumulated up to that time with no possibility of redeeming them.


7.1. The Programme will have an indefinite validity, although MADRID DESTINO can terminate the Programme at any time, subject to prior notification of Users within 15 days before the termination date. In the event that the Programme is terminated, MADRID DESTINO shall set a maximum period during which Programme Users may redeem their points.

7.2. Programme Users may cancel their registration at any time, following prior email notification to atencionvuelveamadrid@esmadrid.com.

7.3. Programme Users shall be deemed to have automatically cancelled their registration if they change their place of residence to the city of Madrid.


MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to cancel the points earned and, where applicable, cancel a Programme User’s registration in the event of any fraudulent use or misuse of the points or breach of these Terms and Conditions.


In order to access the Vuelve a Madrid Programme, interested parties must send the registration form completed with all required fields. The User undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date data. Subject to prior notification and request to the User to remedy any issue to the extent possible, MADRID DESTINO reserves the right to reject any applications that it identifies as including inaccurate or erroneous data.

MADRID DESTINO will incorporate the personal data of Programme Users in a file of its ownership for the sole and exclusive purpose of managing User participation in the programme, and for sending out advertising, commercial and informative information on the Programme and the available promotions, offers and discounts, and offers in leisure, shopping, art and culture, nightlife and gastronomy.

The User gives their consent for MADRID DESTINO to provide participating Establishments with the details of Users who have downloaded their offers and discounts in coupons for the sole and exclusive purpose of being able to verify their application.

In the event that a national identification or passport number is required by a particular offer, the redemption of points shall be subject to presentation of the original document at the participating Establishment with a view to identifying the User.

Interested parties may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition at any time and in the terms established in the relevant data protection legislation via email to MADRID DESTINO atencionvuelveamadrid@esmadrid.com, or alternatively via postal mail with the reference “Personal Details/ Vuelve a Madrid Loyalty Programme” addressed to Registro/MADRID DESTINO CULTURA TURISMO Y NEGOCIO, S.A. Centro Cultural Conde Duque. Calle Conde Duque 9-11, 28015 Madrid.


MADRID DESTINO guarantees the validity and applicability of the promotions and discounts for participating Establishments offered as part of the Programme and published on the www.vuelveamadrid.com website, and those offers that Users can exchange for the accumulated points balance by downloading a coupon.

MADRID DESTINO shall not be held responsible for the relations between Users and the Establishments participating in the Programme and, in particular, for compliance with the terms and conditions of the discount and/or promotion offered by participating Establishments, as printed on the coupon that the User has downloaded, on redeeming the points that the User has accumulated. The participating Establishment shall be the liable party in all such cases, while MADRID DESTINO shall not be held responsible for the provision of the service and/or sale of product made by the participating Establishment.


When resolving any disputes or controversies that might arise from the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the relevant courts as set out in the law in force.