How to join us

Vuelve a Madrid is a great virtual showcase for your business and what it offers. A marketing platform that needs no financial contribution and that will help bring you closer to the tourists that visit Madrid. A great opportunity to publicise and communicate your commercial offers with the aim of letting tourists who come to the city know about your business, so they will repeat their visit when they come back in the future.

This programme aims to increase tourist spending and boost expenditure in periods when demand is at its lowest.

The programme consists of a catalogue of advantages and sales offers that can be used in exchange for Madrid Points.

To obtain the advantages and prizes, users need only register at When they register, users get 200 Madrid Points that they can exchange for offers and discounts for use on their next visit to Madrid.

Madrid Points are also issued via advertising actions and campaigns to optimise the marketing of the products and services of participating companies.

How companies participate

Any company wishing to boost the promotion and sales of its products or services to the over 9 million tourists who visit the city each year can take part in Vuelve a Madrid.

There are three types of offers that companies taking part in Vuelve a Madrid can provide:

a). Specials: Freebies or special products that are very attractive to tourists. Specials are offered from time to time and are limited. They give the programme visibility and make it attractive. They work as enticements for the tourist.

b). Major advantages: Sales offers designed for periods of low demand. Major advantages are opportunities that encourage tourist spending. They aim to keep the tourist's attention.

c). Discounts: Sales offers for attracting new clients all year round.

Madrid Destino helps participating company design the offers published in the programme catalogue on the web page.

NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED to participate in the Vuelve a Madrid programme. Participating companies must commit only to offering programme users the discount coupons and advantages described above adapted to the company's sales policy. The only requirement is to include a limited number of special offers in the programme.

Madrid Destino handles the uploading of the offers. Participating companies do not therefore have to perform any backend or technical operation.

Participating companies gain visibility via the following channels:


2. Madrid Destino's social media channels.

3. Printed leaflets on the programme.

4. Programme newsletter.

5. Programme video.

6. Specific communications campaigns carried out as part of the Vuelve a Madrid programme.

If you would like to know more and how to participate in, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: and we will get back to you.

It will be a pleasure to help you and show you how to make use of this powerful marketing tool to improve your commercial offer and reach the tourists that come to Madrid.