Stage - Anastasia

Calle Gran Vía, 78, 28013 Madrid, España

Enjoy 'Anastasia, el musical' with your Puntos Madrid!

Anastasia, el musical comes straight from Broadway to the Teatro Coliseum in Madrid. Here at Vuelve a Madrid we want to invite you to enjoy this inspirational, emotional show in an outstanding setting. A majestic musical at your fingertips and now with a very special discount using your Puntos Madrid...


Looking for the perfect plan for unwinding and relaxing? Then get ready to see the different, unique, and brilliant show that is Anastasia, el musical. A journey from the end of the Russian Empire through to the euphoria of 1920s Paris, following a young girl that wants to find out about her mysterious past... Enjoy it with a 15% discount using your Puntos Madrid!


- 15% discount on the purchase of two tickets.
- Once you have downloaded the coupon, go to the website: to buy your tickets and enter the coupon code for a 15% discount.
- Valid for Tuesday to Friday afternoon shows in the stalls (offer not valid on Fridays with only one show) and all areas, except Golden Stalls, Limited Visibility, and Amphitheatre B.
- Valid from October 3rd 2018 to the end of the run in Madrid.
- Excluded dates: Bank holidays during the show period as well as the specific dates that the ticket reservation platform does not allow the code validation. .


 Calle Gran Vía, 78, 28013 Madrid, España

 Tel. (+34) 902 888 788

 This plan costs 150 Puntos Madrid

Stage - Anastasia

Stage - Anastasia

Anastasia, el musical, takes us on a journey from the end of the Russian Empire through to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s.

Anastasia narrates the passionate adventure of the Romanov's youngest daughter who, according to legend, escaped from the Bolshevik revolution, travelling from Saint Petersburg to Paris to find her true identity and to decide her own destiny.

A current hit on Broadway, Madrid will be the first European city to show this musical. A passionate production that will begin on October 3rd at Teatro Coliseum on Madrid's Gran Vía.